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Custom Orders

I know how special it feels to have a handbag made according to my taste and needs.  I love quality and wearing a bag (and clothes) that are about quality and value.  It's what we now call Slow Fashion.  It is made in to last, and there are not so many of them made.  It's the opposite of mass production. 

I rather have a few things of quality than a closet full of things that don't quite make sense and are cheaply made. 

That is why I decided to offer bespoke American alligator and Ostrich goods.  These are the finest materials that last a lifetime or two. 

I have an evening alligator purse that is 75 years old, and it is still gorgeous.  I also have an ostrich bucket bag that my mother bought in South Africa 35 years ago.  It's even more fabulous today.  I will shortly post photos of them.

Because creating a unique handbag takes a good amount of time and thought, we only want to use the finest materials to make it all worthwhile.  We pay close attention to the threads, we use only the finest water soluble leather glue (3X the cost of what most manufacturers use), we use reinforcements (interfacing) that are biodegradable, and we take great care of not producing unnecessary waste in the process.

The cost of producing a custom order bag varies according to the complexity and the amount of materials used.  Naturally, if it's quite complicated and large, it will cost more.  

We'd love to create your dream handbag.  Let us know by writing to us at