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YB Philosopy

The value of a YB Handbag

In order to offer beautifully crafted products at a competitive price, Yara Bashoor factors in only the cost of materials, labor, shipping and duty. It takes out of the equation the middleman, the marketing costs, and the advertising.

An exquisite American Alligator or Ostrich handbag is an expensive item. Every step of making an alligator or an ostrich handbag is laborious. The skins require a lot of attention in the tanning process to produce rich colors and flawless finishes. Choosing the hides must be done one by one, as each one is different.  They must be cut very carefully also by hand. Assembly and stitching requires meticulous attention to every component. The edges are painted by hand as well after the paint has been mixed to match the color of the handbag. It is a slow process.

Additionally, American Alligator products are controlled by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services. Although American Alligators are not endangered, they do fall under CITES protection. Yara Bashoor complies strictly with all laws that apply to her products, and this entails additional paperwork and records.

We sell directly to our customers and we engage in special collaborations with like-minded vendors on a commission based arrangement.  For inquiry on trunk show and pop up events, please email me at

The Goal

Feeling rich on a budget is a wonderful thing.  When a customer wears a Yara Bashoor handbag, she or he feels confident, smart and stylish.